UE4 Runtime Mesh Component

The Runtime Mesh Component allows for rendering runtime generated meshes as well as supporting collision with the runtime generated meshes. It is also nearly 100% compatible with the UE4 UProceduralMeshComponent

Examples project can be found here https://github.com/Koderz/UE4RuntimeMeshComponentExamples

Improvements over UE4 UProceduralMeshComponent:

  • More efficient rendering.
  • Static objects use the fastest available rendering path.
  • Faster updates to sections for frame-by-frame update scenarios.
  • Corrected collision support, less cooking overhead. (More to come later)
  • 50%+ memory reduction.
  • Custom vertex structure support.
  • Multiple UV channel support.
  • Collision only mesh sections.
  • Shadow casting controllable per section.
  • Serialization configurable to reduce map sizes when mesh saves aren't necessary.